Welcome to our site! 

Since websites and these internet-based, online weblogs (lovingly known as "blogs") have become more than a requirement as proof that you and living in - and coping with - the 21st century, we thought we'd give it a try as well...

The intention here is to keep family and friends updated as to what we're up to - the family is spread far apart (Germany and USA) and across different languages (which also means texts may occur in either german or english).

Moreover we travel a bit, and love to take pictures - so this site will also contain quite a few photographs as well - enjoy!

oh, and there's a weblog as well - http://mark-kalle.blogspot.com/

Updates / News / Changes

09.06.09      added links to multimedia-films of various travel destinations

15.06.08      added pictures of Munich

01.06.08      added pictures of Bradenton & Sarasota, Florida

31.05.08      added pictures of Oberalteich Abbey

30.05.08      added pictures from Ralf's Birthday Party

29.05.08      added pictures from Kalle's Birthday Party

25.05.08      added a film of pics taken in Munich's botanical gardens that day to the blog