Amsterdam - 26.04.08 - 05.05.08

We've both been to Amsterdam many years ago, but never together. So, we decided to rent an apartment ( from a really neat website we found ( - a one-room studio efficiency directly on the Prinsengracht at Looiersgracht.

This area is called the "9 streets": an area of 3 x 3 small steets in between 2 of the nicest canals, full of small shops and boutiques - and everything is within walking distance!

The apartment was very nice - a one-room flat divided into a small living room
and a dining table for two. There, a wall-cabinet opened to reveal a complete kitchen with everything you need for a few days. A small divider separated this area from the "bedroom" - from there, a door opened to a nicely rennovated bathroom (with shower). Before we claim that everything was perfect, be warned:

The owner lives upstairs with either a very (over) active child, or a herd of cattle the stampede across overhead 2-3 times per day: something that's OK if you're living cheaply or for free, but for the price you pay... In a hotel one would complain and ask for another room. They had a work week, including geting up early - but we were on holidays, and would have liked to sleep longer without the cattle stampede. In addition, the wooden floors mean everytime they moved a chair, you heard it in our apartment... and they moved furniture a lot!

So, if you want a fantastic apartment, well equipped and clean, with a very nice, modern design, and the whole thing in a perfect location, this might be the place for you.. if you sleep deep or have earplugs!

Amsterdam Pics

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